Wage payment model for human guinea

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Wage Payment Model for Human Guinea Pigs

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Wage Payment Systems

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Payment of clinical research subjects

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Wage Payment Model For Human Guinea Pigs

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However, wage-payment model has more limitation on the payment than the other models in that it has little impact on recruitment. Carl Elliott () elaborates in his article that most of the research subjects are the ones who do not have the income other than the. Compared to reimbursement model, where the research subjects are given different amount of money according to their actual wages, wage-payment model is the fairest form of payment since everyone involved in the research are paid for the same amount of money (Grady,88).

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Wage Payment Model for Human Guinea Pigs What would you do if you were asked to get paid to spend the entire week lying down on a comfortable bed for human clinical trial? There will be medications to take and occasional checkups that might be disturbing, but considering the good pay, some might think it is worth the pain.

Instead, he convened the National Tripartite Consultative Council (consisting of union, employer and government representatives) to review the decision and proposed an interim minimum wage of K per week, with a youth wage of K a week. Being a guinea pig doesn’t exactly build your resume!

You won’t be eligible for every study so your pool may be quite small. Not all studies need healthy volunteers, and some specify age ranges, sex, or certain medical histories.

Wage payment model for human guinea
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