Persephonies monologue

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Persephone tells the story as if she’d

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Persephone tells the story as if she’d

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Demeter MonologueShh Do you hear that? The slow, soft sway of the wheat is so calming so serene. I gave them gift of the harvest, 3/5(2). Monologue Text. Persephone tells the story as if she’d rehearsed it her whole life. Yudy is completely hypnotized. I was 16 and he was I was his accomplice.

Though I never killed traveled the country robbing anyone who came in contact with us. Sep 04,  · How to Perform a Monologue. Performing a monologue is a key part of auditions, and often an assignment in acting classes.

You should choose a short, active monologue that you connect with%(56). MONOLOGUE – HADES Play Circus Olympus by Lindsay Price Stats Comedy, Simple Set, Two Acts Casting 6M+9W, Easily Expandable In PERSEPHONE AND THE UNDERWORLD, Hades, God of the Underworld, is smitten with Persephone.

Letter [Persephone to Demeter]

He’s afraid to ask her out and wants Zeus to do it for him. Get the Play HADES looks off and gives a. What Persephone feels when she is taken from her mother. This is VERY VERY short, because it is a monologue. What Persephone feels when she is taken from her mother.

This is VERY VERY short, because it is a monologue.

Persephonies monologue
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