Nine phase change model process

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Transtheoretical model

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Using the Burke-Litwin Change Model to Manage Organizational Change

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Phase transition

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Change is one of the most challenging events an organization will go through. This lesson describes the steps of the planned changed process, which include recognizing the need for change.

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The Nine-phase Change Process Model.

Change Management Process

The Andersons’ model of change is called the nine-phase change process model, this change model is general enough to fit any organizational structure and size and specific enough to organize its nine phases into a logistical flow that makes for better adaptation.

This model differs from the others and deals primarily with the feelings of your employees as they go through a change process. Understanding this model will help you to be ready for their reactions as you embark on and finally complete your change process.

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Kotters 8 Step Process: Identifying Important Elements to Successful Organisational Change

The book describes the change process in nine distinct phases and outlines the activities and tasks that need to occur in each phase. It provides change leaders with an essential map for successfully traversing the complex and uncertain terrain of transformational change.".

Nine phase change model process
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