Medical model

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Medical Model

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The Medical Model

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Medical model

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The Medical Model

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Such important considerations are implied in the concept of diagnosis. a set of assumptions that views behavioral abnormalities in the same framework as physical disease or abnormalities. the traditional approach to the diagnosis and treatment of illness as practiced by physicians in the Western world since the time of Koch and Pasteur.

The physician focuses on the. Find great deals on eBay for Medical Model in Medical Teaching and Education Supplies. Shop with confidence. The medical model's school of thought is that mental disorders are believed to be the product of physiological factors. Simply stated, the medical model treats mental disorders as physical diseases whereby medication is often used in treatment.

Psychology Definition of MEDICAL MODEL: is a term in psychology which is the view that abnormal behaviour is the result of physical problems and should be treated medically. The medical model of mental illness treats mental disorders in the same way as a broken arm, i.e. there is thought to be a physical cause.


This model has been .

Medical model
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