Criminal justice models

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What is Criminal Justice?

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What is Criminal Justice?

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Three models of the criminal justice process as discussed and reviewed in chapter 9 of out textbook are the funnel, wedding and net. The criminal justice process is very complex process and varies from state to state.

Three models of the criminal justice process as discussed and reviewed in chapter 9 of. An interpretation of the British criminal justice process is presented which draws together both social theory and empirical data on magistrates' courts and examines the relationship between formal rules and procedures and actual behavior.

The models discussed in this paper are abstract representations of selected aspects of the criminal justice system (CJS). Such models can be used to predict how the CJS will adjust to changes such as increases in arrest rates, additional resources for police, introduction of sentencing guidelines, and so on.

Both models are significant to the criminal justice system and play a major role in identifying crimes and interpreting the criminal justice system.

Which Model Crime Control or Due Process

The criminal justice system is a complicated system and is constantly changing. There are three models within the criminal justice process.

The 3 Models of Criminal Justice

The first model is called the funnel model. The funnel model is wide at the top, and tapers down to a narrow end. The funnel model illustrates the fact that the number of crimes that are processed through the system decreases at each step.

Which Model Crime Control or Due Process Criminal justice models
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Which Model Crime Control or Due Process