Anti dowry

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Anti Dowry.

Eco-friendly Ganpati festival gets an anti-dowry theme

likes. This is to awaken the sensibility of people who take dowry to fix their "business deal".Yes "Business Deal" thats what "marriage". A helpline for husbands and families harassed by anti-dowry laws, was started in June by Rudy, Gokul in Bombay.

'I paid the price, I own your son': Indian brides fight back in anti-dowry films

later renamed as "Save Indian Family" was founded on 9 March by the unification of a number of family's rights organisations across India. 3 days ago · Eco-friendly Ganpati festival gets an anti-dowry theme - The mandal has been celebrating the Ganpati festival in an eco-friendly way for nearly 30.

Dowry being a social anathema deserves greater attention from educated and affluent members of the society. It is a need of time that the educated and affluent members of the society come and work together to eliminate this social anathema. Dowry or dahej is a gift taken by the groom or his family from the bride's family.

The anti-dowry law in India makes taking dowry illegal. However, there is a need to change it. Anti has started a war against this evil practice of dowry.

In various public assemblies and in private gatherings, Mr. Sawhney has spoken against dowry. He particularly addresses the in-laws to whose house the newly married girl goes.

Anti dowry
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Eco-friendly Ganpati festival gets an anti-dowry theme